Spaghetti with Creamy Aglio E Olio (Garlic and Oil) and Almonds

alho e óleo cremoso

What do you do when you want to eat something delicious, your pantry is almost empty and you don’t feel like going to the supermarket? You use whatever you have and hope it turns out great! Well, that’s exactly what happened with this recipe Print Spaghetti with Creamy Aglio E Olio (Garlic and Oil) and… 

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Cupcake de churros

Brazilian Churro Mini Cupcakes

You guys are probably familiar with churros, so why am I calling this a Brazilian Churro? The fried dough is basically the same, but our churros are filled with dulce de leche. Yes! Delicious dulce de leche! And they are coated with sugar and cinnamon. They sometimes can be filled with cream or chocolate, but for me, these… 

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Dicas de Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre (my hometown) Travel Tips

If you have been here on this blog before you already know I’m from Brazil. I live in the south in a city called Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul state. And if you look at the map you’ll see we are closer to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay, than to… 

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Strawberry and Cream Dessert Shooters

I just love dessert shooters! They look great and, best of all, are ready to be served! This is a delicious and easy recipe that will definitely make a great impression! Print Strawberry and Cream Dessert Shooters Serves: 4   Ingredients ½ cup strawberrry jam 1 cup chiboust cream (check notes for “Easy Chiboust Cream” recipe)… 

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Brazilian Carrot Cupcakes with Ganache Frosting | Travel Cook Tell

Brazilian Carrot Cupcakes with Ganache Frosting

I have already posted about the delicious Brazilian Carrot Cake and today it’s time to show you a twist on this Brazilian classic. We turned the cake into cupcakes and instead of a chocolate glaze we topped it with a chocolate ganache frosting.  My mouth is watering as I write this… really Print Brazilian Carrot Cupcakes… 

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arco do triunfo-6-2

Arc de Triomphe: Isabella’s Favorite Monument in Paris

If you take your kids to Paris, which monument do you think they will love the most? Did you say the Eiffel Tower? I thought so too Well, Isabella fell in love with Arc de Triomphe! And if you ask her why, she will say: I don’t know, I just loved it We even had… 

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brocooli madness

Broccoli and Bacon Salad

Everytime we go to the US we try to eat at Sweet Tomatoes/Souplantation. We really love this restaurant! So one of these days we had a head of broccoli and didn’t know what to do with it. That’s when we thought of a delicious salad from Sweet Tomatoes/Souplantation called Joan’s Broccoli Madness. We checked the internet for a… 

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